72 | Marc-eting Genius

Tim and Marc have no reading assignment so we just talked about comics! Generation X #5-6 Guardians Team-Up #2 Multiversity Guidebook #1 Andrew Jackson Throws a Punch by Andrea Tsurumi Fatale Follow Us On Twitter @supertim82@personman44 Follow Us on the Internets (giving us ratings is super dope):iTunesStitcher Listen to Other Awesome BenView … Continue reading

70 | Retro Obscura

YOU HAVE BIG GUTS! Aaron Hickman and Paul Stevenson from Retro Obscura guest with Marc and Tim to talk about the 16 page Doom comic book (the video game). We talk retro gaming, Metroidvainia, and the best comics to read to get into comics. Follow Us On Twitter @supertim82@personman44 RetroObscuraPodcast.com  … Continue reading