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We love comics! CNU is all about bringing nerds together to talk about comics. We primarily focus on our comic book podcast but also post articles and reviews on the site for things that really pump us up. Comic book creators and comic book lovers mix and chat it up around these parts. Let’s do it.

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Marc Bolton – @personman44

Marc Bolton has always loved drawing and cartoons, but only fully discovered comics at the end of high school.  He started with a couple Spider-Man and Robin comics, but he branched out from there. He was buying most of the DC and Marvel main titles, then started getting Image, Dark Horse, and other indie titles.
Marc especially loves diving into the fifty-cent bins for old obscure comics.  Some of Marc’s prized comic possessions are- Avengers #57, the first appearance of the Vision, and Lois Lane #12, where Lois is turned into a mermaid, and Superman has to learn sugury at super-speed to change her back himself!

Banana, banana, banana.

Tim Van Autreve@supertim82

Tim is the resident tech geek and dream sequence mis-understander. He is a true comic book collector starting in 1999 with way more floppies than he could afford, he continues on to this day totally digitally. Big on the Bat and Bat Family, he names every home he lives in after Wayne Manor. Nothing is out of the realm of readable for Tim though, he loves Marvel, DC, Image, Mexican Restaurants, and even a few event comics. Real life is keeping him from reading as much as he’d like, what with having five kids and a hot wife but, he somehow pushes through for the love of the podcast and hot, hot Nightwing on Power Girl action.

Kent Wagenschutz  – @nonexistent_donthaveone

At the beginning of the third grade, I was asked to write a list of things I was hoping to learn about that year.  I added one thing to the list that stood out more than most: cocaine.

I once wrote a story called “The Fifth Colt” about Black Beauty (I had a pretty righteous “Black Beauty” phase) and four young horses who flew dolphins to safety on their boards, whatever that means.  Then they found another colt hiding behind some crates and he joined the crew.  “The Fifth Colt”.
I unofficially ran for co-Emperor of my high school sophomore class on a strong pro-littering campaign.  We didn’t win, but we did steal enough write-in votes to make sure one of our friends also didn’t win.  She took it REALLY seriously.