114 | Civil War

A Marc-eting genius at CNU
thought it would be good to hop on the Captain America: Civil War
hype train and do the Civil War series. 

Choose a side, listeners!
This week, in honor of the new Captain America film, we tackle
the Marvel event of 2006, Civil War!  We talk
about Amazing Spider-man #529-531 by J. Michael Stracyznski, the
main Civil War series, by Mark Millar, Steve McNiven, and Dexter
Vines, the mysterious Illuminati and we talk about the impact Civil
War had on the Marvel landscape back in 2006 and beyond.

Marvel’s Civil War (2006)
starred Captain America, Tony Stark (Iron Man), Spider-man, and all
the other Marvel superheroes squaring off to support or oppose a
Super-powered Registration Act. 

Miscrediting Brian Michael
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