Sketch of the Week #62- Deep Roy!

Greetings, all you comic lovers!  Marc here, with another Sketch of the Week!  This week, I’m featuring my third entry into Jeremiah Lambert’s Art Jams on Facebook- Deep Roy!The third suggestion for the December 2014 Art Jams was “Any role Deep Roy has played”.  You know, the little person that played all the Oompa-Loompas in Tim Burton’s “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” remake?  Well, I wanted something more obscure, so I looked at Deep Roy’s ouevre on IMDB, and found out he was on an episode of The X-Files (One of my favorite shows).  So here it is!  Let me know what you think here at, and look back here next week for another Sketch of the Week!

Deep Roy

I’ve never seen this episode, but it looks weird. I need to watch it.

  • Jeremiah Lambert

    i need to see this ep too.