Sketch of the Week #59- The Friendship of MODOK and The Riddler

Hello to all you Intelligentsia!  Marc here again with the Sketch of the Week!  I didn’t have time to make a brand-new sketch this week.  I’m working on the seven sketches for Jeremiah Lambert’s Art Jams on Facebook, and they’re not ready for publication here.  So I’m digging into the archives, and I’ve found something really great for you!

I made this drawing of MODOK and The Riddler for a flyer idea we had for the podcast, back when it was Nightwing Loves Power Girl.  It was to have two super-smart characters, one DC and one Marvel, and have them say something like, “We’re the smartest guys around, and we listen to Nightwing Loves Power Girl.”, but it never got used.  So I’m showing it here!  Let me know what you think about this sketch, any of the old sketches, or anything else at  Have a good Thanksgiving and I’ll see you here next week!

Riddler and Modok

Ooo, it’s in color and everything!

  • Love the colors. Only smart people listen to our podcast.