Sketch of the Week #56- Female Thors!!!!

Greetings, all you Asgardians!  Tis Marc, of Midgard, greeting all you weary internet travelers.  Thou hast stumbled upon mine latest Sketch-Up, that of all known female Thors!  Thee will bow in wonder at these three powerful wielders of mighty Mjolnir, smiter of Frost Giants and stubborn walnuts alike! 

In the middle, we have the latest mystery woman wielding the Uru hammer.  In thee right-est corner, be-eth Storm of yon X-Men, when she held Mjolnir in the Asgardian Wars story, from thine 1980s.  And bestow your unworthy gaze to the righthand corner, to see Wonder Woman hefting the hammer of might, from the bygone Marvel Vs. DC storyline of the mid 90s.

If any other internet warriors wouldst like-est to see more female Thors, go-est to thine Facebook, and search for warrior supreme Jeremiah Lambert’s Art Jams this whole month of November.  Also, if-est thou hast any comments for mine Sketch of the Week, please go to and let mine ears hear your sweet missives!

Female Thors

It’s harder to talk in that faux-Shakespearean speech than you’d think!