Rocket Raccoon #5 – Review

Rocket Raccoon 5 CoverI’ve been a vocal supporter of the Rocket Raccoon series by Skottie Young since it was first announced. The story has been consistently great, the energy kinetic enough to leap off the page, and the art…indescribably amazing. Skottie and Jean-Francois Beaulieu have been nailing this book. The series is already special. Somehow, Rocket Raccoon #5 manages to set itself apart from the other issues and does something so original that I’m thinking….Eisner? Yep. That good. I will be talking spoilers for those with weak dispositions.

Since Skottie decided to do something unique with this particular issue, I decided to do something unique with my review of it. I’m going to write my review of the issue but I’m also going to have my wife and five kids write their own reviews of the issue too. I was very excited to see if they loved this issue as much as I did.

Rocket And Groot Talk to ScoutsThis issue finds Rocket and Groot taking a group of scouts of various alien races out
on a camping trip. Rocket, in his usual fashion, is being short with the kids, telling them a quick story and then to go to bed. The kids want more and Groot obliges. The first two pages and the last page are drawn by Skottie and the rest is drawn by Jake Parker. Once Groot’s story starts, Jake’s art takes over. The story is “the one with the map” which turns out to be a big adventure that Groot convinces Rocket to go on in search of treasure on his birthday. The hook of the issue is, Groot can only say “I am Groot.”, so all the dialogue in the story is entirely word bubbles of “I am Groot”. Rocket and Groot go on this big adventure together with a big twist at the end that couldn’t be more perfect. It captures the characters of Groot and Rocket exactly and it’s all done straight up with the art. The last two pages are the punch lines to the entire issue and one that definitely pays off.

Rocket sad on his birthdayWe have a newcomer to Rocket, Jake Parker. The art duties are shared between Skottie and Jake, with Jake taking the bulk of the pages. Jake is the dude that came up with Inktober, the smash hit of October. For those not in the know, during the pumpkin month, everyone is encouraged to create one ink drawing per day and tag it #inktober. Share everywhere. Repeat. It’s a great way to spread art awareness and just generally encourage creativity. It’s become a viral hit on the web. The energy and love of the arts really comes through in Jake’s work on this book. The art on this book being extra important since the story is told 95% through the artwork. He really nails the feel of Rocket that Skottie had set with the first few issues. He still manages to put his own unique look on Rocket and Groot and everyone else. I’m a big  supporter of Jake potentially doing more issues of Rocket. As usual, Jean-Francois Beaulieu absolutely nails the colors on this book. Everything is bright and beautiful. Truly gorgeous.

This comic is one of the very best on the stands. If you’re not buying it, you’re missing a whole lot of what comics really are; FUN.

Rocket I Am Groot ExcaliburHere’s the rest of the family’s thoughts on the issue. I did not fix their grammar, spelling or formatting for the cute factor. Though I did get the ruler out and slapped a few knuckles. I’m kidding. I should also say that only me, Jennifer, and Nolan watched the Guardians of the Galaxy movie so some of the awesome is lost on the other kids. (Don’t judge me. Taking the this many kids to the movies is like $80.)

Nolan – 13 Years Old

This is Nolan, I for one really enjoyed Rocket Raccoon number 5 written by Skottie Young. It was a very unique comic.The reason I liked it so much was because almost the only thing said in the comic was “I am groot”. So you use a lot of your imagination. Unlike most comics the pictures tell most of the story so you must be observant. If you are unfamiliar with the Guardians of the Galaxy, I Would recommend either watching the movie or reading the first few comics. There’s also a funny little joke at the end. I am relatively new to the comic world, but I can tell you that this is definitely a great comic. Great job Skottie.

Lexi – 11 Years Old

Rocket Raccoon 5 was ok. They don’t have many word’s besides groot but if you look at the pictures it tells a great story! Also, the pictures were really good and the detail was great.

I thought it was funny when rocket finds out that the treasure he found was his surprise party.LOL 🙂 Also, the cover was funny and adorable. (Great job Skottie.)


Reviewed by:

Alexis J Van Autreve

Megan – 10 Years Old

I honestly liked it a lot! But, I don’t like how most of the text is “I am Groot.” I wished there was a little more dialoge. Rocket and Groot scurvy dogsBut, I really liked the pictures. Especially, the cover. It’s really cute how Rocket Raccoon hugs his gun. It’s very weird but, honestly cute. I think the first part is very unique. It was a very good idea to have Raccoon and Groot tell those boy scouts ( honestly I don’t know what their names are ) the story. But, in the end it is a very good comic, there’s  a few things they could fix but, I loved it!!!!!

Nora – 10 Years Old

I just read the comic Rocket Raccoon the fifth volume. I got to say the pictures were very good and artistic. It was very interesting how the only words from Groot were “I am Groot.” I like how the pictures tell most the story, unlike normal comics were the text tells the story. Over all the comic was a hit!

                               Review by,
                                                 Nora Herman

Paige – 8 Years Old

It is honestly good!I like it how Groot tells the story and all he says is i am Groot.I also like when Rocket Raccoon was sleeping on Groot when Groot was ending the story. The cover is cute.Jake Parker and Scottie Young are good drawers.At the end only the leaf kid understood the story groot told.

Jennifer – 32 Years Old

I…am Groot. 🙂


There it is folks. This is what the Van Autreve Family thought of Rocket Raccoon #5 by Skottie Young, Jake Parker, and Jean-Francois Beaulieu. Go buy this issue!