The Walking Dead #132 – Review



Let’s watch the sunset…on happiness. So many spoilers below. Don’t read unless you’re totally caught up on The Walking Dead comic book series.¬†This issue read in about two minutes so I don’t recommend taking your house slippers off and settling in with your cocoa on this one.¬†

I imagine that the scene with Maggie, Rick, Carl, Sophia, and the baby watching the sunset is total symbolism for the sun setting on their happiness.

Dante and his trio fight their way out of the barn and display some pretty baller combat tactics to handle the horde of zombies coming their way. Only…one of the zombies has a knife and tries to cut him! Dante and his boys start to lose their cool. The other two die, leaving only Dante. This issue is largely a fight scene issue and is filled with epic sword fighting and sound effects. Charlie Adlard draws the scenes effectively and creatively. Lots of different camera angles and shots.

The ending of this comic is so epic, I’m not even going to spoil it in my spoiler review. It explains the talking zombies in a way that I find totally completely screwed up and creepy. And oh, so exciting. This comic is one that I always read first on new comic book day.

Banana, banana, banana.