The Sires of Time #1 – Review

SOr-coverWhenever I’m walking a ‘Con floor, I always keep my eyes open for art that pops. I saw J.M. Dragunas’s work from a distance at Wizard World Chicago, got up close and met an atomically nice dude. After a brief conversation, I bought his book on the spot. 

J.M. Dragunas has a style that is very reminescent of Jeremy Bastian. Very, very detailed work with lots of small lines, small dots, and black inks. Every image and panel you can stare at for minutes. I’m sincerely in awe that someone could take the time to make this sort of magic on the page. Check out some of his other work on Tumblr at Seriously awesome, right?

Every panel of The Sires of Time comic book is no less detailed and amazing than his prints and covers. The setting is Camelot and we start the story with a message from Merlin the Wizard himself. The medieval time period is perfect for J.M.’s work as it all has a very “tapestry” feel and tapestries are amazing.

Evil has been frightened into hiding since Arthur grabbed Excalibur for the first time. As a result, evil has crept into the darkness to skulk. Before the darkness faded away, it manifested itself into a physical heart of darkness, birthing Morgana Le Fay.

Look at this detail. Crazy. She's obviously evil as she has no vagina.

Look at this detail. Crazy. She’s obviously evil as she is a woman with no vagina.

Arthur leaves four trusted knights behind to guard Camelot as he goes to face Morgana’s army elsewhere. As the four knights fight, they realize it’s a bit too easy. Le Fay uses the souls of those killed to add power to herself. Mordred, Arthur’s illegitimate and evil spawn, steals Excalibur. Morgana uses the power to break and scatter shards of the sword across time and space. Merlin sends the four knights off to gather the shards.

Such a cool concept. I found myself looking the different characters up and enriching my brain with some Round Table knowledge.

I strongly recommend this book. If you see Mr. Dragunas at a con, spend the $5 on the first issue so we can see what happens when these four knights travel to 1574 China. You can also buy it at his webstore:

The story reads like a retelling from a fairy tale story book. The combination of the art and that method of story telling leave behind a timeless piece of art.

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