Sketch-Up #52- Cyclops Vs. Cosmic Boy

Cyclops Vs. Cosmic BoyHello to all the comic-loving leaders out there!  Marc here with another Sketch of the Week. This month we’re celebrating Jake Parker’s Inktober! Get ready to take some orders, because I’ve pitted two of the great comic-team leaders against each other!  It’s the X-Men’s golden boy, Cyclops, against the Legion of Superheroes’ magnetic ringleader, Cosmic Boy!

I’ve pitted these “Marvel Vs. DC” fights against each other in advance; I have a big list of team-ups that I take a look at when I need to draw one. I sent some comic stuff to friend-of-the-show Jeff Uppole recently, and wanted to give him a sketch that I knew he would like.  Cyclops of the X-Men is one of his favorite characters, so I took a look at his match-up on my sheet, and what you see here is the result!

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