Sketch Of The Week #55- More Doodles!!!

Hey, all you crazy comic consumers!  Marc here again, with this week’s Sketch-Up!  This week it’s another trip into my inner workings, as you see what I sketch out when I’m not trying for anything in particular.

Doodle 2, Part 1

In this doodle we have a Storm in an outfit I made up all by myself in the upper left, Tim Drake Robin in the center, a pretty good Black Canary in the top right, Flooky Flamingo (a character I made up in 5th grade) in the middle right, and a surprised Wonder Woman in the bottom right.

Doodle 2, Part 2

In this sketch- a cartoon-y Wolverine in the left corner, a young woman cosplaying Marvel Girl in left center, a partially cut-off Logan in bottom left, a huge monster in the middle, an older Hal Jordan in right center, and a pretty good Superman in the bottom right.

I especially like the Black Canary in the left doodle, and the Superman in the right.  I have trouble drawing these two characters, and I think they turned out pretty well.  Let me know what you think, you can always drop us a line at  Keep sketching!

  • Jeremiah Lambert