Saga #23 – Review


Saga is the other book besides The Walking Dead that I read the day it comes out on new comic book day. This issue makes me more comfortable with some of the twist that Brian K. Vaughn has thrown at me as of late but makes me even more worried and excited about what we have to come. Spoilers below. 

This entire arc of Saga has been setting up the splitting up of Marko and Alana. In this issue, we see how that happens.

The book starts out making me feel like a child of the 80s. First person shot, back lit of Ginny, the bat faced, dance teaching, butt rock t-shirt wearing potential love interest of Marko. She’s obviously into him. After Marko and Alana’s big fight, Marko turns to the only person on the planet that he actually knows. Ginny tries to throw her game at Marko but he’s not feeling it after he sees Ponk Konk, Hazel’s doll. He knows he has to get home to be responsible for his daughter. He bolts home.

Izabel has some great character moments and development with her intervention speech with Alana. Alana is acting like a straight crazy person with her drugs but, really, it fits in. All these characters feel real and always do.

Meanwhile, Prince Robot IV is after his kidnapped son. The janitor, Dengo, has stolen him and wants to be on the Circuit so he can spread his political message. The character Dengo fascinates me. He’s so caring for the child but has no qualms straight up shooting everyone else. Dengo finds his way to the tree ship and Alana launches it to throw Dengo off his feet. Thus, Alana and Marko and split up. Marko stares up at the sky, no knowing when he’ll see his daughter Hazel again. I just teared up a little.

As always, the artwork is stunning. The colors pop so hard in this book. I can’t think of another book on the stands, besides Rocket Raccoon, that literally brings me joy from the colors. Fiona Staples draws the amazingly well. The emotive and varied faces are one of my favorite parts of her art. I also love that the baby of Prince Robot IV has the face of a Nest Thermostat.