48 | Tim’s Old World Spaghetti Sauce

Anyone can cook! Drew Browne Esquire joins Marc and Tim to discuss the long process of prepping homegrown tomatoes, Daredevil (2014) #7, Southern Bastards #3, Frankenstein: Alive, Alive!. Marc even touches his wet underbelly and read a dirty, dirty issue of Zap Comix from 1976.

Books We Read This Week:

Daredevil (2014) #7 by Mark Waid and Javier Rodriguez
Southern Bastards #3 by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour
Frankenstein: Alive, Alive! by Mary Shelley and Bernie Wrightson
Zap Comix #6

Miscellaneous Topics:

Pasta Sauce
Cooking with Comics

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  • Jeremiah Lambert

    TIM. what database do you use to log your comics?

    • Comic Collector Live

      • Jeremiah Lambert

        is that a program or an online one?