Sketch-Up #47- Clash of the Bounty Hunters!

Greetings, scofflaws!  Marc here again, with this week’s Sketch of the Week!  This is my Day #5 submission of Jeremiah Lambert’s Art Jams (which you can find and follow of Facebook; it’s great art, check it out!), whose subject was “Bounty Hunters”.

I chose to depict two of the roughest, toughest lawmen-for-hire this side of Ord Mantell or the Pecos, Jonah Hex from DC comics and IG-88 from The Empire Strikes Back!  I’m not sure how Jonah got the drop on a droid with sophisticated sensor equipment, but he did!  But does IG-88 have an ulterior motive for being caught and using modern-day slang?  Comment on this drawing and tell me what your theory is!

Jonah Hex Vs. IG-88

I want to see a comic of this… so badly.

  • Jeremiah Lambert

    After you said “what was John Connors dads name?” i yelled out “Kyle Reese” and scared my cats.

  • Jeremiah Lambert

    marc. read my book i worked on called Hell House. its about Christians and stuff since you love reading about Christians.

  • Jeremiah Lambert

    also im posting all these comments in the wrong post. this is all supposed to be in ep 47 post.

  • Jeremiah Lambert

    i love this drawing. im gonna get to inking and coloring it someday.

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