50 | Apama: The Undiscovered Animal

“Crap! This writing with my left hand sucks balls!”

Creators Ted Sikora and Milo Miller, join Marc and Tim to talk about their digital comic sensation, Apama: The Undiscovered Animal and indie movie cult hit, Hero Tomorrow.

Other topics include Metallurgical Ages, Dan Slott and Spider-man, Cleveland, LeBron James and The Fool Killer. These two guys created some very special things and really know their comic books! Apama is an amazing comic and the Kickstarter for a hardcover of issues 1-5 is coming your way in October!

Books We Read This Week:

Apama #1-4 by Ted Sikora, Milo Miller, and Benito Gallego

Miscellaneous Topics:

Hero Tomorrow
Superior Spider-man
The Fool Killer
Moon Knight
Steve Gerber

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  • Jeremiah Lambert

    Foolkiller from 1990 is one of my favorite comics. here is the cover gallery to the whole series – http://www.comicbookdb.com/title_covergallery.php?ID=3424
    wow it was great to hear them mention it. i love that book so much that at one time i wanted to redraw it… the art in it is fine but i really wanted to see it with a slightly more modern style and modern coloring cause the story is actually really poignant emotionally and even politically… probably even today. awesome.