45 | Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark

In honor of Shark Week, Tim is joined by Nolan Herman and Lexi Van Autreve to chat about Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark by Jason Howard and Ryan Ottley. We also talked about Lootcrate, Green Lantern Corps #208, and Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2, #s 26 & 27. 

Books We Read This Week:





Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark by Jason Howard and Ryan Ottley

Miscellaneous Topics:

Green Lantern Corps #208 – Written by Steve Englehart, Pencilled by Joe Staton, published in January 1987 by DC Comics
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2, #s 26 & 27, written by Howard Mackie, Pencils by John Romita, Jr., published in February & March 2001 by Marvel Comics

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