Marc’s Thoughts/Review of “Guardians of the Galaxy”

What’s happening, Galactic Citizens?  Marc here, a couple days out from seeing the craziest Marvel movie to come out yet, “Guardians of the Galaxy”.  This isn’t going to be a plot-driven review, because I only saw it once, a couple days ago, and I was honestly too busy being thrilled that obscure Marvel characters and ideas like “Ronan The Accuser” and “The Nova Corps” made it into a movie to pay 100% attention to the plot.  This is going to be more of my general thoughts and feelings regarding this movie.  Also, there’s gonna be spoilers, so prepare yourself for that stuff.So… First of all, this movie was crazy.  That’s not a bad thing, but… this movie was crazy.  Like super-crazy.  It didn’t give a shit if you weren’t sure what was going on or if you bought into Starlord’s motivations or giant tree creatures, or talking raccoons or awesome music mixes or any of that stuff.  You were just along for the ride.  And I like that about this movie.  If you want a more cohesive, easier-to-digest storyline, “Iron Man” and “Captain America” are on Netflix Instant for you.



These are our main players- Drax The Destoryer, Gamora, Starlord, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon

Second of all, I’m not a huge cosmic-Marvel fan.  I’ve read a couple things here and there, but my main Marvel loves are mutant-based X-Men stuff, Spider-Man’s corner of the Marvel U, and Thor’s Asgardian stuff.  Of course, I’ve read a few issues of GOTG here and there, I’ve read the Infinity Gauntlet, and I’ve heard about the Kree-Skrull War, but I’ve never dove head-first into that section of Marvel’s mythos.  However, I know of the Kree, Ronan The Accuser, The Nova Corps, Nebula, The Collector, Cosmo the Russian space-dog, Celestials, Knowwhere, and Howard the Duck.  All of these things were in the movie, and it melted my brain.  Hardcore.  Being a big-time comic fan and collector since 1999, I never thought I’d live in a world where Cosmo or a Celestial would be on the big-screen.  Boy, was I wrong.  In the greatest way possible.


I couldn’t find a picture of movie Cosmo, but he’s too great to not put a picture of him up in this.

Thirdly, the five main characters were all great.  “GOTG” starts out a bit like “Up”, with a super tear-jerky scene right out of the gate.  It sets up Starlord’s character really nicely, though.  You get a great sense of what he’s lost and how his life must’ve been after being drug off into space at age… 8?  9, maybe?  Anyway, Groot and Rocket Raccoon are super-lovable, with some great character-building and emotional moments.  No duh, though.  Those two characters are great.  I was surprised at how much I liked Drax the Destroyer.  They gave him an emotional back story, motivations, and quirky character traits that I didn’t expect.  He doesn’t understand metaphors, and takes things ultra-seriously.  It’s been done before, but not too often, and it’s pretty funny.   He was played pretty greatly by wrestler man Dave Bautista.  I don’t know much about this guy, but he was really great as Drax.  Imposing, funny, and relatable (In a general sense, he is an alien… you know what I maean).  Gamora was my least favorite, but she was still great.  They made her the assassin bad-ass she should be, but she had a heart of gold deep down, and wasn’t a dummy.  It was nice.



This duo may have been influenced by Han Solo and Chewbacca. Just a little bit.

Fourthly, and lastly, I really liked how much my wife liked the movie.  She loved it as much as I do, and we talked about it the whole drive home, and for about another half-hour afterwards.  She really loved Rocket and Groot, and who wouldn’t?  They’re adorable!  She loved Starlord’s whole story, she loved the feel of the movie, especially the music.  I loved this aspect, as well.  Using 1970’s pop music was a really great way to anchor all the space-insanity that was going on in this thing.  My wife loves the Marvel movies, but isn’t a regular comic reader.  So when we were discussing the plot of the movie, and my wife said “Ronan The Accuser” and “Kree” in a knowledgeable manner… It was great.  Again, like these characters and concepts being in a movie, I never thought my wife would say the word “Kree” in a normal conversation and know 100% what it was.  That’s the great thing about the Marvel movies.  They’re making these crazy characters and concepts digestible to non-comic fans.  Even further than digestible, they’re making people like these crazy things!  Now everyone knows what we’ve been grooving on for the last 75 years!


Karen Gillen as Nebula, Gamora’s “sister” and a bad guy. She did a good job of being a bad guy.


In conclusion, this movie was tremendous.  Marvel took a bit of a chance with an unknown property, and I think it paid off big-time.  In front of us in the theater was a middle-aged woman, by herself.  No kids or nerdy husband drug her to this movie.  Not that middle-aged women can’t be 1.) Comic fans or  2.) Action/Sci-Fi movie fans, but that is not the target demographic for this movie, I don’t know her story.  And yet here she was.  That’s a good sign.  So if you’re done living under a rock, go see this movie.  There’s a Russian space dog in it.

  • Jeremiah Lambert

    i was stoked on cosmo too. this movie had me grinning almost the entire time… except for the times when i was trying to not cry cause thats for pussies right!!!!