Sketch-Up #41- Jeremiah’s Suggestion

Hello other-dimensional beings!  Marc here, with another Sketch of the Week!  This is the final suggested Marvel Vs. DC sketch I needed to do from our contest a few weeks back.  Friend of show and frequent guest Jeremiah Lambert suggested I draw Marvel’s Impossible Man fight Superman’s most annoying enemy, Mr. Mxyptlk!  This was a tough one, because I didn’t know much about either character.  It took some Wikipedia-ing, but I got a feel for the two characters, and came up with something pretty crazy.  Everyone (especially Jeremiah), let me know what you think!

Impossible Man Vs. Mr. Mxyptlk

It’s the fight only one person asked for!!!! It’s gonna be nuts!

  • Jeremiah Lambert

    Love it dude. The comedy aspect of them materializing the powerful beings is spot on.

    • marc bolton

      Thanks! I haven’t read much of either character, but I Wiki’ed a good amount to try and get their general attitudes down. I thought this felt like them. I just wish I would’ve thought to mis-spell “Galatus” like I did Superman.