Rocket Raccoon #1 Review- Part 2

Hey Galactic Guardians, Marc here.  I too read the new Rocket Raccoon #1 this week, and wanted to share my thoughts about it.  Later this summer, we’re going to be blessed with an awesome-looking Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  Marvel started pushing the Guardians in a big bad way by having their number one writer/architect, Brian Michael Bendis, writing it.  They’ve also had the Guardians get involved with some big-deal events in the Marvel U, including the Trial of the Phoenix and the former Spawn supporting character Angela join the team.  Rocket Raccoon #1 is another example of this Guardian-pushing.


This is one of the variant covers for Rocket Raccoon #1. The other one is a Lego Stan Lee. Go figure.

I don’t know a lot about Rocket Raccoon.  Before I read this issue, I knew he was a gun-toting raccoon-like alien that was part of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  That’s pretty much it.  From this #1 issue, I feel that I have a handle on his character.  He’s kind of an ego-maniac, telling his date how into him she is, when it’s pretty apparent she’s not.  He also shoves her out of view of the kiss-cam so he can have solo-billing, and then further promotes himself to other ladies out in the galaxy.  This is one thing I liked a lot about this comic- writer and artist Skottie Young gave Rocket a very distinct personality.  I appreciate that in superhero comics.  Too often characters’ only personality triats are “villain”, “hero”, “anti-hero”… Rocket is obviously a very flawed character, but this one issue showed you in what ways he’s flawed, and in what ways he’s awesome.

rocket-raccoon 2

Here’s Rocket shoving his date out of frame. This also causes him to be chased by space-police. Oh, cruel hubris.

Rocket Raccoon is awesome because he’s a space-faring, gun-toting, smack-talking raccoon who helps save the universe.  That is why comics are great.  You can have a character like this and no one thinks it’s weird or too much.  I really feel I don’t need to go on too much as to why Rocket Raccoon is great.  It’s in the name, for Groot’s Sake!

Anyway, this comic is a ton of fun.  I love Skottie Young’s vibrant, movement-filled artwork.  It’s really nice to see a less realistic art style in a mainstream superhero comic.  I always appreciate that, and think we need more of it.  I’m a big fan of “fun” comics, and this is definitely one of those.  I would recommend this book for middle school kids especially.  I think the irreverent-ness and general bad-assery of it is right up a 7-grader’s alley.  So if you love fun comics set in a crazy environment, go check out Rocket Raccoon #1 from Marvel comics.  Or Rocket may come looking for you…