34 | The Uncollected Daredevil Tale

Marc and Tim were joined by Jeremiah Lambert to talk comics. Daredevil #20-25 were the reading assignment for the week. We talk a few other books too. Check it out!

Books We Read This Week:
All-New X-Men #27
Nightcrawler #2
Transformers Spotlight: Dark Cybertron Prelude

Miscellaneous Topics:
Weird fact about Jack Kirby: Jack Kirby liked to draw robbers and sent them to the New Yorker at age 14.

This Week’s Reading Assignment:
Wynter by Guy Hasson and Aron Alekes Daredevil Volume 2 #20-25 by Bob Gale and Phil Winslade

Reading Assignment For Next Week:
Batman R.I.P by Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel
Tiger Lawyer by Ryan Ferrier and Vic Malhotra

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