35 | Derick Armijo Presents Comic Nerds Unite

Derick Armijo guest stars with Marc and Tim to time travel back in time to fill the void of a missing episode #35 (and placate Marc’s OCD). We talk Tim’s favorite, Grant Morrison, and his Batman RIP, Tiger Lawyer by Ryan Ferrier and Vic Malhotra, and World Famous Big Al’s.

Books We Read This Week:
Batman R.I.P by Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel
Tiger Lawyer by Ryan Ferrier and Vic Malhotra

Reading Assignment For Next Week:

Bikini Cowboy by Fresherluke


Miscellaneous Topics:
Too many to list them all, but here goes:  Derick’s podcasts, Pop Sickles and Picture Start, Derick’s comic beginnings, strip club adventures, Tim’s day-to-day routines, how Tim and Marc met their wives, and their first dates, various movie and amusement park trivia, and much, much more.

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  • Jeremiah Lambert

    he was a funny dude. lots of his under the radar jokes hit pretty good. some of them you guys completely missed.

    • Or maybe my dry sense of humor chose to ignore them.

      Or maybe he’s just funnier than us.