30 | Tim Gets a Hat-Trick

It took us a long time but we finally hit episode 30 of the Nightwing Loves Power Girl comic book podcast. Tim manages to pull off a hat-trick…barely. We talk about The Cape #1 by Joe Hill, Justin Cieramella and Zach Howard and First Law of Mad Science by Mike Isenberg, Daniel Lapham, Oliver Mertz, and Jeff McComsey.


Chew is going to be an animated movie!
Star Wars EU stories null and void. New Star Wars books announced.

Books We Read This Week:
Alpha Flight – Old stuff
Detective Comics #631
Captain America #132

Miscellaneous Topics:
An update on the DC Comics that are in your cereal boxes

This Week’s Reading Assignment:
The Cape #1 One-shot by Joe Hill, Justin Cieramella and Zach Howard
First Law of Mad Science by Mike Isenberg, Daniel Lapham, Oliver Mertz, and Jeff McComsey

Reading Assignment For Next Week:

East of West #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta
Goof #1 by Guy Hasson and Guillermo Ramirez published by New Worlds Comics

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