Marc’s Sketch-Up #31- The Dorkly/C2E2 Edition

Hello comic fans!  Marc here.  We were in Chicago for C2E2, the amazing comic book and general nerd-stuff convention last week, and I drew something kinda special there…There’s a video game and nerd-centric website called Dorkly, and they had a huge room at C2E2.  In it, there was a large canvas wall that they encouraged people to draw stuff on.  So I did.  This is what I did-

C2E2 Thor

It’s in the middle, right of the pissed-off Michaelangelo and top-left of the Star of David-Bat Symbol hybrid. I signed it and put NWLPG’s website in pink in the lower right.

It was really fun, and it was cool to see what everyone else had drawn.  By the way, we took a week off of podcasting our usual episode, since we put out three mini-episodes for C2E2.  You should go check those out, and come back here this coming Tuesday for our 30th episode!  It’ll KRAK-A-TOOM your Mjolnir.