Daredevil #1 (2014) – Review

How many volumes of Daredevil are we going to get? Hopefully many more if the quality stays this high.

For those keeping score at home, we’re on Daredevil Volume 4. The third volume of Daredevil was something special and something that will be remembered as one of the cornerstone runs on Daredevil. Mark Waid and his cadre of amazing artists created a book with a fun, original tone and art work that used the page and panels like none I’d ever seen. Most issues were one and done and told in a refreshing way. Tired of the gritty books that have taken over the stands? Daredevil is the book for you. It’s great stuff. After the events that transpired in the third volume, Daredevil moved to San Francisco so, there’s a new status quo. What better time to start a new issue #1? I can’t think of one. If they need to push out new volumes of this comic book to keep it relevant and selling, I’m totally cool with that.

This issue starts off where the last series left off. You really don’t need to have the read previous arcs  as this issue sets up the character and the scene perfectly. Matt Murdock has moved to San Francisco and is called in for some special consulting on a kidnapping case that needs some leads. The framing of the scene works really well. It’s presented from the angle that the reader doesn’t know that Matt Murdock is blind. He uses his extra sensitive senses to detect odors, sounds, and touch to determine the most likely spot for where the kidnapped child has been taken. Matt races off, donning his Daredevil gear on the way. 


As he runs away, there is a one page summary of how Matt got his powers that really couldn’t have been done better. It’s short, informative, and stunning to look at. 

The environment regularly comes into play. San Francisco is very different from New York in how it’s laid out and DD still isn’t quite used to it so he’s fumbling about and falling between buildings. It’s always good when you put a hero out of his element as it makes them more fallible. There’s lots of action during the chase scene and it’s all done in a page turning way.

Matt’s senses and deductive skills always come into play in this story. It’s a great way to point out what the makes the character unique from the others. He can sense things others can’t and he thinks faster than most. Mark Waid’s writing is great and perfect for Matt Murdock and Daredevil.

The thing that sets this book apart from any other on the shelf is the amazing art by Chris Samnee. Every bit of it is amazing and pulls you deeply into the story. Whenever the story shifts over to focus on Matt or what he’s feeling or sensing, the style of art changes. At times Chris Samnee is even able to portray a sensation Daredevil’s extra senses to the reader. The sound effects are built into the panels which adds a very cool feel that you don’t see anywhere else in comics. The coloring is also astonishing and often is the major identifier when switching between normal sensations and those done through Matt Murdock’s ‘filter’.

I’m not sure I could recommend this book much more highly. 

Daredevil #1 (2014) by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

Rating: Buy it.

  • marc bolton

    Very nice review. Mark Waid and Chris Samnee are both “The Man”.

  • Jeremiah Lambert

    Chris Samnee was my neightbor at c2e2 2013. his line stretched in front of my table for a good 30 min or so before is chilled out some. he apologized to me for “cockblocking” (his words) my table. i told him it was fine and then he gave me a cool daredevil poster print of his. and that’s the end of the story.

    • Any story with the word “cockblocking” is automatically a good one.