29.2 | C2E2 Day 2

Tim and Marc and joined by Jennifer. We had a great day at C2E2 today. Have a listen!

In this special episode, we talk about our second day at C2E2.  Tim gets a book signed by Stan (The Man) Lee, I meet lots of comic creators, we go some panels, we have some Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza, and I get a bit tipsy!

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  • Jeremiah Lambert

    Tim, if you and Skottie Young hang out and have a beer you gotta invite me. just saying.

    • supertim82

      I know, right!? He and his wife were so nice. I talked to him a tiny bit about the Peoria comic-con we had talked about. I will give you an invite when we get together sometime.

      • Jeremiah Lambert

        I learned last year that he had moved to dunlap via a friend of mine that works in real estate, he helped get him his office/studio space here in Peoria (said distractions were too much at home so he had to get a space). he even told me where… and sometimes i get this fanboy urge to just go to it and look through the windows and watch him draw ha. how creepy would that be. ive actually meant to message him to see if he would want to get a beer hang out and talk art and comics but have always felt like that would be pretty intrusive. anyway im gonna message you thru FB and send you my number and what not. weve said it before i know but definitely need to hang out i need more comic buddies in my life. we could chill out talk shop and brainstorm about a con, or just anything, if you want.