28 | Andrew Linde (or was it Leman?) Has a Silky Voice

Marc and Tim are joined by the handsome and dapper Andrew Linde. Andrew Linde is a co-founder of the BenView Network family of podcasts. We talk David Boring by Daniel Clowes & Henchmen #1 by Jamison Raymond and Ryan Howe. We also do the usual comic book news from the week. *Special Note: The ol’ Mac hard drive got full and GarageBand stopped recording so we lost a good bit of this episode…I fail.*

Episode 28 is significant because a the number ‘8’ comes after the number ‘2’. That’s amaaazing.

Amazon is acquiring comiXology
New Teen Titans comic book coming this summer
Archie is a dead man
Warner Bros. sticking with Batman vs. Superman release date
Marvel movie franchise beat down stupid Harry Potter for highest grossing since Cap 2 was amazing
Peter Mayhew back as Chewbacca for Episode 7
There’s a play in Milwaukee about Jerry Siegel’s life and creating Superman
Archie Comics will have a 96 page comic for Free Comic Book Day

Books We Read This Week:
Nightwing #26-27
All-Star Comics #62
Wet Moon by Ross Campbell

Miscellaneous Topics:
Scarlett Witch’s powers

This Week’s Reading Assignment:
David Boring by Daniel Clowes
Henchmen #1 by Jamison Raymond and Ryan Howe

Reading Assignment For Next Week:
Runaways Vol. 2 by Brian K Vaughn and Adrian Alphona
Tomorrow Jones #1 by Brian Daniel and Johan Manandin

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