25 | Zombie Outlaw

Marc Bolton and Tim Van Autreve are joined by Zombie Outlaw creator Brian Apodaca. We talk zombies and the outbreaks they cause. Also, Boobage by Monica Gallagher. 

In this episode we talk: 

Zombie Outlaw by Brian Apodaca and Benny Jordan
Boobage by Monica Gallagher
Billy Dee Williams dances a Star Wars dance on DWTS and makes me very scared for geriatric Leia, Han, Luke, and Lando
Could DC buy Dynamite???
Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 announced from Pixar
Powers TV show going to Playstation network
Infinite comic of the wildly popular Kamala Ms. Marvel…and it’s free!
Star Spangled War Stories from same creators as All-Star Western 
Will Pfiefer coming back to comics for Red Hood and the Outlaws
Fantastic Four 2 and Wolverine 3 have release dates
Original Sin a total rip-off of Identity Crisis
The Lakers and the NBA…seriously!
Jack Kirby
Let Us Be Perfectly Clear by Paul Hornschemeier

Reading Assignment for Next Week:
Apama – The Undiscovered Animal #1 by Milo Miller and Benitto Gallego
Popeye #1 by Roger Langridge and Bruce Ozella

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Marc’s Editing note- Hey guys!  In this episode, I mention to our guest Brian Apodaca that I bought an Incredible Hulk wooden poster thing and he wanted me to post a picture of it.  So here it is!  Enjoy, everyone.

Hulk Vs. Umbu 2

If you have a Meijer’s in your area, go look in their furniture and house-decorating department! They have this and lots of other awesome comic cover wooden poster things!