26 | Rolling the Boil

Marc and Tim perform their magical audio duet sans guest. We talk comic news of the past week and how much Marc thinks Bendis rolls the boil. 

Can you believe we’re on our 26th episode? I can’t. We do talk about things and stuff:

Is comiXology for sale?
First Trailer is up for Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles…and the turtles look wierd
Warner Bros is asking DC creators if DC Comics sucks to work for
Happy 75th Birthday, Batman!
Peter David takes on Spider-man 2099
Not to be outdone with the new Ms. Marvel, DC doing a Cree superhero with Jeff Lemire
Lorenzo Semple Jr. Passes Away
Warner Bros CEO has big movie news for us! Just…not…like yet…or something
Vertigo announces a murder mystery comic with “Four detectives, four time periods, four murders” called “Bodies”
RiffTrax doing some funny stuff on TV this week

Books We Read This Week:
All-New X-Men #18-21
Uncanny X-Men #17

Miscellaneous Topics:
The Trial of Jean Grey
Brian Michael Bendis

Last Week’s Reading Assignment:
Apama – The Undiscovered Animal #1 by Milo Miller, Ted Sikora and Benitto Gallego
Popeye #1 by Roger Langridge and Bruce Ozella

Reading Assignment For Next Week:
Detective Comics #30 by Brian Buccalleto and Francis Manapul
Footprints Vol 1 by Joey Esposito and Jonathan Moore

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The Shrouded City by Nathan Schulz and Amy Watson
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  • Jeremiah Lambert

    did bendis create jessica jones? if he did the did a pretty great book called alias.

    • Jeremiah Lambert

      hahah. if i would have listened like another 3 min i would have heard you guys talk about it.

      • I was really surprised that he had created her, yes. And yes, Alias was a good book. In my eyes, because there was anal in it.