23 | Hal Jordan is a Turd

Marc and Tim talk New 52 Green Lantern by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke, Marvel’s expanding digital presence with the updated Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, other news from SXSW, and Bill Watterson. 

ROM back as a Transformer?
Figment! comic book coming from Jim Zub
SXSW – tons of free comics
Upgrades to Marvel DCU
Ultimate Spider-man Infinite
DC Comics back in my cereal box
Lena Dunham to write a four page Archie story
Green Lantern New 52 Volume 1
Zombie Outlaw
Cindy Sherman
The Stripped Documentary
Sandman Overture

Reading Assignment for Next Week: 

Ms. Marvel #1 …the old one. No, the other old one. …..No, the REALLY old one.

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