24 | Matt Benson Loves Ms. Marvel

Matt Benson, of the BenView Network stardom, joins Tim and Marc to talk comics, Ms. Marvel, Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles, and Marvel kicking DCs ass. And some more awesome stuff.

We talk:
Flash from WB TV show costume revealed. Suck or not suck?
Gotham TV show logo revealed 
Kevin Smith to write Batman ’66/ Green Hornet crossover
Batman and Superman will be dueling Captain America
Trouble in Fantastic Four movie land…again
Wolverine is going to die
Bucky has a 9 picture deal with Marvel
Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtle action figures revealed
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Nightwing goes to Chicago!

Old School Ms. Marvel – Carol Danvers – The Reading Assignment
New School Ms. Marvel – Kamala Khan
The BenView Network
Pop Sickles

Reading Assignment for next week: 

Boobage by Monica Gallagher
Zombie Outlaw by Brian Apodaca and Benny Jordan

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