18 | The Podcast That Never Ends: Groundhog Day Edition

The Groundhog Day Edition Nightwing Loves Power Girl Podcast is filled with comic book, movie, and tv talk and is nearly three hours long! We were joined by very special guests; the wives. Jen comes onto the show for the fourth time and Crystal graces us with her grammar powers for the first time! Oh, and we’re part of the BenView Network of Podcasts! Boom!The podcast has:

Doctor Who
Downton Abbey
Happy Madison
Jack and Jill
Dagobah Delight: the alcoholic beverage of choice for discerning Dagobah residents
Walking Dead
Breaking Bad
Mad Men
Batman: Earth One
Green Lantern
Jimmy Fallon
Jessie and the Rippers

Stan Lee at C2E2
Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor
Fraction helping Palahniuk
American Vampire coming back in April
Mike Marts ditches DC for Marvel

X-Cutioner’s Song
Uncanny X-Men #294
X-Factor #84
X-Men #14
X-Files comic books from IDW

Reading Assignment for Next Week: Ghost World – by Daniel Clowes

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