A+X #10 – Review

A Ginger and a Frenchman? A Witch and Lucky Face-Tattooed Chick? Sounds like my Friday night. A_+_X_Vol_1_10

Written by: B.Clay Moore, Adam Warren; Art by: Kris Anka, Adam Warren

Again, we have a book that features two stories with two different creative teams. One of these stories is excellent, the other is most un-excellent. It’s unfortunate that in order to experience one, you have to pay for the other.

The first story is great. Black Widow and Fantomex team-up (sort of) to rescue some digital DNA from a Russian laboratory. Moore does a fantastic job of bringing you up to speed on the stories and the characters in a natural and fluid way which is no small feat. His dialogue is superb and both characters speak with the correct “voice”. Fantomex always seemed rather derivative to me but I actually liked him in this story. He had some pretty good zingers. The story also features a slew of “Russian” super-villains, ones you usually don’t see which was awesome.  The art is clean, with thin lines and well colored for the nighttime, snowy environment that the story took place. It really helped set the mood.

The second story, however, was terribad. Scarlet Witch and Domino team-up to stop a Celestial Extermination Drone which is going to use the dormant Yellowstone Volcano to use “luck” to make everything on the Earth extinct. Part of my distaste for the book stems from the awkward anime style art, though I did like the little “explanation bubbles” that were thrown in to feature different weapons and environment information. I’m sure some like it but it’s just not my bag. Both women seem to have strangely proportioned bodies and there’s too much sexy posing for characters that aren’t sexy and look like they have huge crotch bulges.

Adam Warren doesn’t do much to make me like the characters either. Scarlet Witch and Domino are both extremely annoying through the entire story and not in a good way. I know that Domino was intentionally made to be annoying but I just couldn’t get past the fact that I wanted her to lose. The story features some espionage, some magic, gadgets, and lots of talk about the “luck” powers the characters have. With a little more luck, I might have liked this story.

While the first story is great, the second one really drags this book down. Pass unless it’s mega cheap or free.

Grade: C