15 | Nightwing vs Nightcrawler

In this podcast we wax poetic about the best moments and best comics of 2013 plus much more. Listen to hear what Marc and Tim picked for 2013.Peter Parker is back. We saw how in Superior Spiderman #19
Shia LeBeouf hired a sky writer to apologize
John Layman off Batman: Eternal
Dexter’s Lab comic book back with IDW
Ultimate Universe relaunching…again.
Sinestro Ongoing with Cullen Bunn and Dale Eaglesham
Dark Horse launches “Year of the Horse”
Star Wars Ongoing by Brian Wood and D’Anda
Grant Reynolds the amazing indie comic creator
Our interview with Radio Brendoman
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Scott Bakula needs to call Marc

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Marc is very foolishly sending free Walking Dead comics to those with the best date stories.

Reading Assignment for Next Week: The Dark Knight Strikes Again by Frank Miller

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