17 | Crappy Peoria Comic-Con

In this episode, Marc, Tim and Jen travel to the sad excuse for a comic convention that is the Peoria Comic-Con. We buy 10 terrible books each and Jen scores us on who got the worst books. These are some TERRIBLE comics bought from a TERRIBLE ‘Con’. But the podcast was extremely fun! And Jeff has a baby! Ezra Xavier (it’s a boy!)

We Discuss:

Nicholas Brendon writes Buffy Season 10 with Christos Gage
Man of Steel 2 delayed until May 6, 2016…probably to sprinkle in more Justice League
Antman fills Superman’s slot (so hawt)
Sexy PowerPuff Girls pulled from the stands
No Stan Lee cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy
Afterlife with Archie #3
Fatale #18
Incredible Hulk #17.INH
DC’s stable of movies
Marvel’s stable of movies
Uncle Grandpa
Rick and Morty
The terrible comics we bought at the Peoria Comic Book Convention

Reading Assignment: 

Still going to read Batman: Earth One.

Crappy Comics We Bought and Discuss: 

Dinosaurs Attack, Mud Man, Alley Oop, Thor Blood Oath, Wally the Wizard, ROM Space Knight, Burn the Orphanage, X-Factor Special, The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred

These are Marc’s crappy book picks.

The Situation, Unicorn Isle, The Sensational She-Hulk, Fem Force, The Presto Kid, The Outsiders: A Christmas Carol, Guardians of the Galaxy, Furrlough, Lemonade Kid

Tim’s crappy comic book picks.


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  • Jeff Uppole

    God those comics are amazing. I am even more super jealous of what you got to do today. From what I can tell Marc wins funniest books and Tim wins strangest. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. Nice job guys! Next time!

    • marc bolton

      Thanks, Jeff! We sure missed you today, but there will be other crappy Peoria comic conventions to make fun of! 😀