13 | Marc’s Brick Phone

Bricka Bracka

We Discuss: 

Paul Rudd is Ant-Man.
Vin Diesel is Groot.
Sweet Holiday comiXology sales; Marvel Now! and DC Graphic Novels.
Shia LaBeouf steals Daniel Clowes’ work. Dick move, Shia.
Jeff calls out Comics Alliance for misspelling ‘Namor’.
Aquaman vs The Doom Patrol movie happening? Maybe in 2016.
Tzzzack – The Tazerang
We talk at length on Batman Ann (JLAPE: Gorilla Warfare) #23 from 1999
Thor #337 – First appearance of Beta Ray Bill and Malekith
Young Avengers #1-3 from Marvel NOW!
Darth Plagueis by James Luceno
Marvel: War of Heroes Card game
Quizup – Comic book trivia
Ryan Dunleavy
The Comic Book History of Comics
Wizard Magazine

Reading Assignment for Next Week:

Blankets by Craig Thompson
Radio Brendoman is coming for the whole show next week!

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