12 | Louise Simonson Changed Our Lives

Episode 12! Was’sup!?

We discuss:

Plastic Man origin in Justice League #25
Batman: The Dark Knight cancelled in March
Animal Man cancelled in March
Something big coming from DC in April
We got punked by Picture House Books.
Aquaman dating the Invisible Woman
New Mutants Vol. 1 #59
Marc’s great drawing of our wedding thing
Amazing Spider-man #700.2
Superior Spider-man
Afterlife with Archie
We wax poetic about how awesome Louise Simonson is
Walking Dead #118
An interaction with Robert Kirkman
Jeff liked Thor: God of Thunder
My wife stabs me in the heart over Jenny Frison
comiXology’s 12 Days of Christmas
Nightwing and Power Girl fight Dr. Sivana after a power swap

Reading Assignment for Next Week:

Tim’s first superhero comic; Batman Annual #23 (JLApe) from September 1999

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  • Jeff Uppole

    I feel like I am way too involved in all our title makings, is it a compliment?

    • supertim82

      Of course it is. You’re there for your one liners.