10 | How To Chug a Juice Box in 3 Seconds Flat

Holy Juice Box, Nightwing! We’re on our tenth episode!

To celebrate, we are debuting our brand spanking new theme song by The Fantastic Plastics. This song could not be more awesome or perfect for the podcast. Check them out at thefantasticplastics.com or follow on Twitter @plasticsband

This episode is jam-packed with the shiz: Marvel’s ‘Future’ Teaser by Jason LaTour and Mahmoud Asrar, Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman, Ultimate Universe, Marvel 2099, Ghost Rider driving a car, Guardians of the Galaxy, Uncanny Avengers #13, Cloak and Dagger Volume 1 Issue #1, Saga #16, The Walking Dead #117, The Arms of the Octopus, Steven Universe, Teen Titans Go! #1, Boxman vs Silent Detective vs Mutton Chops, Angel vs. Robotman, and juice boxes.

We also take a few minutes to talk about Night-Shadow RLSH who we interviewed earlier this week!

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The Fantastic Plastics are rad!