Nightwing In Batman Vs Superman? Commence Nerdgasm

This is all extreme rumor at this point but, man, I hope it’s true. According to online rumor site, Latin Review, we may just see Dick in the flesh on the big screen.

Nightwing is my favorite character but I don’t think he can carry his own movie. He needs to be attached to Batman somehow. What better event than a fight with Supes?

The rumors are also heating up about a certain Bond Girl, Olga Kurylenko, testing for the role of Wonder Woman. Olga s only 5’9″ but, in a world where Tom Cruise can be made to not look like a midget, I guess this could work.


Personally, I think they should get Jaimie Alexander, the chick that plays Sif in Thor. She’s much more Wonder Woman-ish.