Bad Movie Podcast Takes on Daredevil and has Ed Brubaker as Guest!

If there’s one thing I know, it’s podcasts.  I listen to roughly 40 hours of them a week.  So when I tell you that “How Did This Get Made” is one of the funniest I’ve listened to, you can be sure that… that’s my opinion.  Regardless, everyone should listen to it.  Comedian Paul Scheer hosts it, and is joined by his lovely wife June Diane Raphael and (my favorite) Jason Mantzoukas.  Check it out on the Earwolf Podcast Network.  They choose a different awful movie each episode and dissect it- t hey talk about why it’s bad, what makes it bad, and what they think went wrong.


Yes, that’s Vanilla Ice in the black hat, and the ambulance driver from Children’s Hospital in the glasses.  Anyway, why should this be brought up on a comic podcast?  Perhaps because their latest episode is focusing its snarky sights on the 2003 poo-fest, “Daredevil”!  And if that wasn’t enough, their special guest is none other than Daredevil, Fatale, X-Men, and loads-more scribe, Ed Brubaker!!!  So tune in to this hilarious podcast to see what Mr. Brubaker has to say!  Here’s a link-

daredevil 2

  • Jeff Uppole

    I do love Diane. Paul must be one suave mother to get her…