Fatale Volume 2 Review

Hi everyone, Marc here.  Since it’s Halloween time, I wanted to talk about some spoooooky comics!  We read Fatale Vol. 1 for our second podcast, so I figured it would be a good time to read and review Fatale Vol. 2!  It’s about a creepy bunch of people and demons after some other mysterious people!  In the ’50s and ’70s!  Groovy, right?fatale1

This whole story has a lot going on in it, but here’s the story in a nut-shell.  Josephine, shown above, has looked 30-ish since the forties, and every man who meets her falls in love with her and will do anything she says.  She got these powers through some supernatural means.  There’s a demon cult-leader guy named Bishop who’s after her.  She met a writer named Dominic (Hank) Raines, and they had weird adventures involving this cult in the 1950s.  She meets his godson, Nicholas Lash, at his funeral in modern times, still looking thirty-ish.  Nicholas finds an unpublished manuscript of Raines’ and the cult people track him down, eventually getting it from Nicholas.

Meanwhile in the 1970s (where Volume 2 takes place), a B-movie actor named Miles finds his friend Suzy running afoul of the cult, name the Method Church.  They hightail it and randomly meet Josephine, who helps them get away from and then attack the Method Church.

I liked the second volume much more than I did the first.  I think it’s paced better, they  reveal a bit more of the mysteries, and I prefer the 1970 backdrop to the 1950s of the first volume.  I’m not 100% sure if it’s true, but it feels like more happened in this second volume.  The characters were less similar in this volume, which helped cut down on some of the confusion the first volume suffered from.  They revealed a bit more about Josephine and Bishop, although we definitely don’t have the whole story on either of them.  Finally, I liked the sleazy Hollywood-in-the-70s setting to the San Fransisco-in-the-50s of the first volume.  This book just moved up from “Meh” to “Hmm, when’s that next volume come out?” in my book.  If you were lukewarm or worse on the first volume, give the second a try.  And look out for eyeless demons trying to eat your soul… or whatever Bishop is trying to do to Josephine.

  • Jeff Uppole

    I am sure it’s great but I will never forgive brubaker for xmem deadly genesis. Ever!