All the Onomatopoeias of the Week

We have a segment on each of our podcasts where either Marc or Tim choose one onomatopoeia from the comics we read (You know… the “Honk!”s, “Boom!”s, and “Krak-A-Toooooom!!!!!!!!”s of comics) and have the other guess what situation it’s coming from.  I thought it would be fun to have them all in one place, and maybe show the panel they come from, if I can find them on the internet.

Episode 1- Tim’s Hatred for Dream Sequences

-Chosen by Marc

“SKATUUNNGG”, Thor hitting two Mjolnirs together

-Thor: God of Thunder #11, October 2013


Episode 2- Sean Murphy’s Fingernails

-Chosen by Tim

“KRAAK”, Walter the slovenly cop getting a shotgun butt to the back of his head by a weirdo cultist

-Fatale #3, March 2012

Fatale Kraak

Episode 3- Hockey Axe

-Chosen by Marc

“CHOKK”, Gorilla Grodd using telekinesis to stick a metal Flash chest symbol into Solovar’s chest

-The Flash 23.1: Grodd #1, November 2013


Episode 4- …More like Schmustice League

-Chosen by Tim

“BAWOOOOSHHH”, A Parademon blowing himself and his Motherbox up in the Gotham sewers

-Justice League #1, September 2011


Episode 5- Walter Langkowski is a Woman

-Chosen by Marc

“RAT-TAT-TAT”, Three rats shooting a mounted machine gun at vague European soldiers

-Haunted Horror #6, August 2013, reprinted from Tales of Horror #4, January 1953


Episode 6- Dennis Franz is Angry Dad

-Chosen by Tim

“CRRR-       KACK”, the creepy salesman-monster breaking the kid’s arm

-Severed #7, February 2011

crrr-rackEpisode 7- A Trinity that Doesn’t Suck

-Chosen by Jeff

“BLEGHORRFFF!!!”, an E.G.G. terrorist throwing up on Tony Chu after hearing Amelia Mintz’s the first draft of a restaurant review

-Chew #3, August 2009 Chew BlerhgggEpisode 8- How to Pay with Buttrams

-Chosen by Jen

“KRESSSHHH”, Batman breaking through a glass window to beat on a creeper

-The Dark Knight Returns #1, 1985